We are a non-profit women’s organization, providing support and community for mothers with young children in North Scottsdale, Arizona. We currently have around 150 members and host over 125 events annually. Our membership is made up of all kinds of moms – some stay-at-home, some work full-time, and others work part-time or work from home. We embrace and support one another, understanding that motherhood is a deeply personal journey, unique to each of us. Our group exists to help mothers recharge and find a balance between being a mother and an individual. We want you to thrive in this season of life!

Our group offers a packed calendar of fun events all year long including:

  • Weekly Playgroups + a Monthly Weekend Playgroup
  • Monthly Coffee & Tea Date
  • Monthly Book Club
  • Monthly Mom’s Night Out & Dad’s Night Out Events
  • Quarterly Family Social Parties
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Educational Events
  • Fitness Classes
  • Access to our private Mothers of McDowell Mountain Ranch Facebook Page
  • Monthly Email Newsletter
  • Food Tidings
  • Volunteer Committee Positions
  • And more!

Our membership dues are $45 per year. To become a member, please email us at membership.mothersofmmr@gmail.com. We look forward to welcoming you soon!