About Our Group

To enhance the journey of motherhood through a community of support and friendships.

We are a non-profit women’s organization, specifically, a support group and a community for mothers with young children who have interrupted their careers to raise their families or are trying to balance both work outside the home and raising their families, and the unique challenges surrounding both circumstances.



…And there are 90+ members right here in North Scottsdale!

While our group originated in the McDowell Mountain Ranch area, we currently have no boundaries for participating members.

Our group offers a full calendar of moms-only social events, monthly Mom’s and Dad’s Night Outs, community service events, playgroups and forums with topics of interest to moms raising young children:

-Weekly Playgroups
-Monthly Kid’s day out events with activities around town
-Monthly All Member Park Day Out
-Monthly All Member and Family Day/Evening Outings
-Monthly Newsletter
-Monthly Mom’s Night Out Social Events and Quarterly Couple’s Nights Out
-Monthly Dad’s Night Out Social Events
-Monthly Coffee/Tea Morning events (with kids)
-Whole Group –  Pool and Park Days, Family Gatherings, and Seasonal Celebrations
-Local Philanthropy & Outreach Projects
-Educational and Parenting Support Programing
-Volunteer Positions and committees to provide leadership opportunities and maximize -member skill sets
-Online Resources
-Monthly Book Club

We are a group of women with young children who are at home full-time or part-time, or are juggling full-time work outside the home. Whatever the circumstance, we know that every day holds its unique challenges and rewards as a mother…and we think it’s pretty important to be able to share those days with a group of friends who “get it.”

Mothers of McDowell Mountain Ranch is that group that exists to help you find your balance and to recharge yourself and your aspirations. Mothers of McDowell Mountain Ranch connects you with a circle of friends that value you in your role as a mother–but also want to know and value you as the person that is more than just what that one role conveys. We love being moms!

Our membership fee is $35 for one year.