We believe by focusing on supporting mothers, we have a greater positive impact on the whole family. Women can be better individuals, mothers, partners, and employees when they are connected to others and striving to lead healthy, dynamic, and balanced lives. Our club hosts regular events which foster friendships among members. We want to help connect you with your tribe, get you out of the house, encourage you to try something new (art, fitness, crafting, cooking, bowling, golfing, reading, volunteering, and so on) and bring some fun into your life. We are constantly welcoming new members to our group, allowing for endless opportunities to make new friends.

Each month, we plan a Mom’s Night Out, Coffee/Tea Date (attend with or without kids), and Book Club meeting. These events are your chance to have an uninterrupted adult conversation, have fun, and re-energize your battery! In addition to these popular staple events, we regularly schedule new member breakfasts, educational events, fitness classes, and community service opportunities.