Mothers of McDowell Mountain Ranch FAQ

Do I need to live in McDowell Mountain Ranch to become a member?
No. About 1/3 of our members live outside of MMR. The group was founded in MMR, and a large amount of activities are hosted within the community. However, there are no geographical boundaries for membership at this time.

What am I required to attend?
Absolutely nothing. While we love to see you at playgroups and events, participation is not required. We have an equal blend of stay at home moms, working moms, work from home moms and everyone else. We understand that schedules and kids are demanding, so attend when you can. And when you can’t? Don’t sweat it!

Can I join if my kids are already in grade school?
Of course! While our social events and playgroups are catered to infants through age four, we have a large membership of mom’s who enjoy being a member strictly for themselves. Mom’s Night Out, Dad’s Night Out, Couples Night Out, Book Club, Community Service events… all reasons you are able to join and participate even if your kids are in grade school.

Can I market my business to your members?
If you would like to do any sort of marketing or advertising within our group, it needs to be contracted through our Advertising Coordinator who can be contacted at advertisting@mothersofmmr.org. Advertising on our group social media pages without a contract is not permitted. Using member contact information for email blasts and addresses for mailed marketing materials is strictly prohibited and directly violates our non-profit status.

What is the best thing about your group?
There might not be enough space to share it all here. 🙂 The sense of community within the group is a strong one. Friendships among moms, dads, kids, and entire families keep our group connected and supported from within. Whether you are in search of other moms for help and advice, camaraderie in this adventure called parenting, buddies for your kiddos… we hope that everyone who joins finds what they are looking for. Add in all of our fun events throughout the year, and what isn’t there to love about being a member?!

Are there events for Moms and Dads?
Yes. We host both Mom’s Night Out (MNO) and Dad’s Night Out (DNO) events monthly. It’s a great way to get a break for yourself and have some uninterrupted conversations!

How are you different from MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers) and/or SPG (Scottsdale Parenting Group)?
MOPS is a faith based program. SPG focuses on parenting support and education. MofMMR is a community group focused on connecting local moms. All three groups offer wonderful programming and community to accommodate a wide range of mamas. We have members in our group who belong to all three of these amazing groups! 🙂

I work full time. Are there events for me and my family?
Yes. While playgroups are hosted during the week. Most MNO, DNO, and our social parties are held on evenings and weekends. We do occasional all-member playgroups on weekends too!

Can I attend an event before committing to membership?
If you would like to check us out in person before signing up, we would love to host you at a weekly playgroup or possibly a group event if there is one happening around the time of your inquiry. Just let the Membership Coordinator (membership@mothersofmmr.org) know that you would like to attend a trial event and we will coordinate with you.

How many events do you have in a month?
Our calendar varies from month to month. On average we have about 5-8 all member monthly events. These include MNO, DNO, Kids Day Out, Coffee/Tea Mornings, All Member Park Days, Community Service Events, Fundraising events, and Social Parties. That does not include our weekly playgroups. Some months are busier than others!
*Please note that June-September tend to be less active months. Between family summer travel to cooler climates and the local hotter temperatures (making outdoor play dangerous), outside of weekly playgroups and regular monthly events, the calendar runs a little lighter.

What ages are the children in your group?
Our group focuses on children ages Infant through four years. Once kids reach elementary school age it becomes difficult to coordinate schedules for group hosted events. While older siblings are always welcome to events, the focus of our playgroups and social parties is the infant through age four range.

How do I get started?
Please email our Membership Coordinator at membership@mothersofmmr.org to get more information and get connected with the group. If you are already certain you would like to join, we would love to have you! Please click HERE to pay membership dues and get started. Our Membership Coordinator will reach out to you to get you connected. Membership is $35.00 per year.

What is a Coffee/Tea Morning?
A Coffee/Tea Morning is a monthly event hosted by a group member to give members a chance to meet up for some conversation and caffeine. 😉 These events usually take place at a local coffee shop, or even a member’s home should they choose to host. Kids are welcome to attend, but moms are also welcome to come solo for conversation with friends.

Have a question that is not answered here? Please contact us at membership@mothersofmmr.org or leaders@mothersofmmr.org so that we can help.