Q: Do I need to live in McDowell Mountain Ranch to become a member?
A: No, you do not need to live in McDowell Mountain Ranch to be a member in our group. About half of our members currently reside in McDowell Mountain Ranch, while the other half live in the surrounding North Scottsdale area. Our group was founded many years ago in McDowell Mountain Ranch (that’s where we got the name!) and the majority of our events are still hosted within the community or locally in the North Scottsdale area.

Q: What am I required to attend?
A: We do not have any attendance requirements for our members. We love to see you at playgroups and events, and really encourage you to be an active member, but your engagement with our group is on your terms!

Q: How often do you have events?
A: Our calendar runs 12 months a year! We proudly host over 125 events annually, which breaks down to about 10-11 events each month. Though each month varies a bit, we offer multiple Playgroups, a Coffee & Tea Date, Book Club, a Mom’s Night Out, and a Dad’s Night Out monthly. In addition to these, we also plan community service opportunities, educational events, fitness classes, and family social parties.

Q: Can I market my business to your members?
A: Any marketing done to our members needs to be as a contracted advertiser of Mothers of McDowell Mountain Ranch. Please see the “Sponsorship” tab for contact information. Advertising on our group social media pages without a contract is not permitted. Using member contact information for email blasts and addresses for mailed marketing materials is strictly prohibited and directly violates our non-profit status.

Q: How are you different from other moms groups?
A: Lucky for all of us, there are a few different types of moms groups here in Scottsdale. There’s something for everyone! Some groups focus more on first-time mothers of newborns, while others focus on education. And there are also faith-based groups. Our group aims to provide community and connection to local moms and a wide range of fun events for moms as individuals as well as moms and their children. Each type of group has different attributes and there’s no reason you can’t be part of multiple if you like!

Q: I work full-time. Are there events for me and my family?
A: Yes! We love having a mix of full-time & part-time working moms, and stay-at-home moms all in our group. While many of our events do occur during the weekdays, we regularly host events in the evenings or weekends that you can attend. Most of our Mom’s Night Outs and Book Club meetings are held in the evenings and our Family Social Parties, Fitness Classes, and monthly Weekend Playgroup are held during the weekend.

Q: What ages are the children in your group?
A: Our group focuses on children ages 0-5 years. We feel that there is a significant need for support and resources among women raising very young children. As kids reach elementary school, schedules become more difficult to coordinate hosted group events; therefore, our Playgroups are focused on those 0-5. We understand that families may have children of multiple ages, and older siblings are always welcome at our events.